How to Repair Car Dents and Scratches

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One of the worst things that can happen to PEI drivers is the discovery of a new dent or scratch on your beloved vehicle. Whether you are wondering how to fix scratches on a car, or how to fix a small dent in your car, Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC has you covered. We understand how finding a dent or small scratch on your vehicle can blindside you. Therefore, we want to help you learn how to fix scratches and fix a dent in your car. If you would rather have one of our certified technicians take care of your vehicle dents and scratches, schedule a service appointment today, and we will take care of you.

DIY Fixes for Scratches

Wondering about how to fix scratches on a car? If you’re a Cornwall driver who prefers to fix scratches on their car themselves, take a moment to review our helpful tips!

  • Candle Wax: Not a permanent solution, but it will work in a dire situation. Take the wax of the candle and gently rub it over the scratch. The wax will seal the scratch from flaking and causing further damage.
  • Super Glue: You can temporarily seal the scratch with superglue, much like candle wax. However, it is also only a temporary fix.
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound: To fix scratches on a car using these solutions, a little goes a long way, so proceed with caution. When choosing paint polish or rubbing compound, choose the light, less-abrasive foam pad. Then, work your way up to higher-grit polishes or compounds if the scratches are still apparent. Please note that we only recommend using wet-sanding if polishing does not fix scratches on the car.
  • Wet Sandpaper: When wondering how to fix scratches on a car, shallow scratches can easily be removed by rubbing over them with 2000-grit wet sandpaper. However, we only recommend wet sandpaper if polishing does not fix scratches on your car. Make sure the area is clean first and that you gently rub in the compound once the scratch is invisible. Follow up with several finer polishes, and then, a wax or paint sealant to protect the seal. For best practices, you should wash your car before adding any scratch removal. Then, add the sealant, and be sure to wax your vehicle afterwards.
  • Touch-Up Paint: Visit our service centre in Charlottetown to pick up touch-up paint that will help fix or hide deeper scratches on your car.

DIY Fixes for Dents

Wondering abut how to fix a dent in a car? No worries, PEI drivers. Your vehicle won’t lose its curb appeal or aesthetics on our watch. Here is how to fix a small dent in a car:

  • Plunger: You can use a bathroom plunger or a car dent plunger to fix a dent in a car. You may have to try several times, but, typically, the dent will pop out.
  • Hammer or Mallet: On the opposite side of a car dent, use a hammer or mallet to pop out the dent. It is ideal to use a hammer for smaller fixes and a mallet for larger dents. You will need to protect the side you plan to hammer with a towel to avoid additional damage.
  • Dent Puller: Stratford drivers need to proceed with caution when using a dent puller to fix a dent in a car. When you use a dent puller, you will need to drill a hole in the dent. Then lace wire through the hole, and pull the dent to surface level. Once complete, you will need to fill the hole, sand it, and paint.

For the Bigger Fixes, Visit Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC

Now that you know several of the ways of how to fix a dent in a car and how to fix scratches on a car, if you ever feel like you’re out of your depth, or you’re in need of major repair, don’t hesitate to reach out! For other DIY tips and tricks, check out our guide to removing the smoke smell from a car. You can always rely on us to help you do car projects yourself, or have us fix car scratches, dents, and much more. Take a peek at our service specials to save on your next service appointment!

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